Yellow Green Red

For the longest time, I’ve casually skimmed the music reviews over at Never really fully taking them in, not really trying to find out about new bands, just attempting to keep the lowest level of connection possible to my past life of musical involvement. The reviews were always well-written and thoughtful, but there’s something about the investment of time in learning about new bands that I just no longer felt capable of taking on. Call it getting older, call it being burned out on a past life so consumed by music, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Yellow Green Red was good enough for me to subscribe to via RSS, but not enough to dig deeper into the actual artists it covered.

That attitude kinda sucks, though. Over the weekend, I decided I wanted to learn more, to instead take the time to learn and grow and find out about what’s going on in the world, so I put together this Spotify playlist of all the artists whose albums reviewed in May 2019 were available on the service. And, let me just say – it’s great! That playlist is over 9 hours long, and each month, I’ll be able to make another one, and hopefully find out about some great new bands that aren’t getting played on wherever the heck it is I discover music these days (since I clearly haven’t been out there trying to find out about it until now). I’m sufficiently motivated that I may go into the YGR back-catalog of reviews and cobble together some additional playlists, just to have some options to put on when I’m out and about.